Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

These are the terms and conditions of Showcase Wedding Bands in relation to the band playing live music at your event.

A copy of our terms and conditions (or a link to this page) will be sent to you at the time of booking and we ask that you read them carefully.

Please note that bookings cannot be secured without us having received cleared payment of a deposit.

If you have any questions about anything on this page then please do not hesitate to contact us on showcaseweddingbands@gmail.com

2. General

Please read carefully our terms and conditions document which applies to every booking that Showcase Wedding Bands take. All conditions apply to the band and/or the client.

Our terms and conditions have been designed to offer protection and peace of mind to all parties and to ensure the safety of the band, the client and all guests and customers.

3. Definitions

The following definitions apply to these terms and conditions:

Showcase Wedding Bands

Band Management Team (members of the band or those appointed to work on their behalf)

Client (the person or organisation making the booking for the band to play live)

Guests/customers (those people invited to attend the event by the client)

Venue (the place where the event will take place)

Event (function or party arranged by the client, where the band will perform)

4. Booking Process

The agreed deposit is due strictly within 7 working days of the customer agreeing to book. Deposits can be paid via BACs transfer. The deposit is non-refundable to cover admin fees.

5. Advance Payments and Deposits

Once the booking has been confirmed by Showcase Wedding Bands the client will be issued with a notification to pay the agreed deposit amount (advance payment), the remaining amount of the band fee is paid via BACS during the week of the clients event or on the day in full with cash.

Once the deposit (advance payment) has been made the client will have the opportunity to pay the outstanding amount in anyway they want (for example monthly installments or full amount) until one month before the event.

Please note that the receipt for the booking deposit will be in the form of either email, text, social media platform messasge and/or by telephone.

6. Confirmation of Booking

Once the deposit has has been received the booking will be confirmed to the client by the band management team via email, text, social media platforms and/or by telephone.

If you have not received confirmation from the band management team within 30 days of you paying the deposit you should contact Showcase Wedding Bands via email showcaseweddingbands@gmail.com to confirm that everything is in order.

7. Health and Safety

You agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that the venue is safe for the band to play at and that you will notify us of safety procedures applicable at the venue on or before our arrival. If you the client are not responsible for the venue, it will be your responsibility to work with your wedding co-ordinator to ensure

8. Showcase Wedding Bands Responsibilities

The bands will be responsible for:

Performing for the client to the highest standard and in the manner in which we have represented ourselves in previous performances and via promotional material such as our website

Acting professionally and courteously to the client, their guests and all employees of the venue and other contractors working at the event
ensuring that all our equipment is in good working order and meets relevant safety requirements including all portable equipment to be PAT Tested

Providing all instruments, microphones, cables, PA or any other equipment deemed necessary for each performance except where the client has already arranged for equipment to be made available

Ensuring the safety of all equipment used whilst on site

Leaving the facilities as found on completion of the engagement
ensuring that we are not under any obligation to another client which may impact on the event

Contacting the client at least 7 days before the event to re confirm final details for the event and to finalise any last minute details

Ensuring that if the band finishes playing before the event concludes that we will breakdown and remove equipment from the venue with the least amount of disruption to the event and to the client’s guests as possible

9. Client’s Responsibilities

The client will be responsible for:

Providing full details of the required performance including timings, venue details and special requirements

Providing adequate parking facilities for the band’s vehicles. Where no legal parking is available, the client agrees to pay parking expenses

Providing an appropriate and safe environment in which to perform, that will include a covered performance area on a dry, flat surface and with good access to loading/unloading facilities. Typically, the band will require a 4m x 3m performance area.
ensuring the band has access to suitable rest area (especially if the client does not want the band to be part of the event when they are not playing)

Providing a suitable and safe place for unloading and loading of instruments and equipment to and from vehicles and venue – this includes adequate lighting and suitable surfaces
providing a suitable place for the band to store cases and other items that are not required for the performance (preferably somewhere that can be locked)

Ensuring adequate power supplies are available where appropriate. Typically the band will require a minimum of 4 x 13 amp sockets. Extension leads, cables and other equipment will be supplied

Advising of any sound restrictions at the venue or any other restrictions which may affect the bands access or performance

Ensuring that the venue is able to accommodate the performance of the band by possessing appropriate licenses

Ensuring that any photographs taken of the band during the performance are only used for private reasons and not made public without the prior permission of the band or the band management team

Ensuring that their guests do not interfere with the band’s performance
ensuring that their guests do not use or touch any of the band’s equipment/instruments without prior permission from the band

Ensuring that the band is not subject to aggressive or abusive behaviour during the performance
any other special requirements as requested by Showcase Wedding Bands at the time of booking

If cancellation, non-performance or a below par performance results due to venue restrictions, the client will still be liable for the total fees or cancellation fees. If the client is not responsible for the venue, then it is their responsibility to work with their event co-ordinator or venue manager to ensure these requirements are investigated before the booking and that any relevant information is disclosed to the band management team as soon as possible.

10. Access to the Venue

We require at least 60 minutes to set up prior to the performance and at least 60 minutes to pack up after the performance. You agree to inform us if the playing space is not located on the ground floor or special access is required to allow us a longer set up/break down period for our equipment.

11. Duration of performance

The performance time of the band is specified in the contract and events form and are as agreed by the client and the band management team prior to the event to suit the needs of the client. Please note that contracted start times are based on the band having access to the performance area at least one hour before the contracted start time.

Unless otherwise agreed in advance, the performance shall normally consist of two sets of 75 minutes duration separated by a break of 15-30 minutes.

Delay, interruption, or suspension to our performance

In the unlikely event that the performance is delayed, curtailed or stopped due to events beyond the band’s control then you agree to pay the fee in the full amount. This includes but not limited to:

equipment failure
power failure
noise limiters
time restrictions
venue’s staff absence
smoke detector activation
closure of the venue by police, fire brigade or other public authority
licensing/certification problems
one of your guests continually disturbing the bands performance or interfering /mistreating the bands equipment during the bands performance or during the breaks

12. Cancellation by you (The Client)

Cancellation by either party is not allowed except where Force Majeure’ applies or where the client and the band mutually agree to cancel the booking (this must be provided in writing by both parties). In either event forfeiture of the booking deposit will result.

If you book us and subsequently cancel, you owe us the agreed fee or part thereof as shown below (optionally waived at our sole discretion) and in addition to any previously paid deposits:

Cancellation up to 90 days before the Event – 50% of Balance

Cancellation up to 60 days before Event – 75% of Balance

Cancellation less than 60 days before Event – 100% of Balance

If you ask us to stop playing because you decide it is not what you want or we are required to stop playing for any other reason stated within these terms and conditions you the client agree to pay the full amount.

The above cancellation fees are an important part of our agreement and are accepted by the client on receipt of our contract. All cancellation fees must be paid within 14 days of cancelling the engagement.

If, due to Force Majeure, your event needs to be rescheduled, bookings must be rearranged prior to the performance date and the rescheduled date must be within a six month period from the originally booked performance. If the band cannot reschedule due to lack of availability the deposit will be transferred to another band of your choice within the Showcase Wedding Bands stable

13. Cancellation by Showcase Wedding Bands

We reserve the right to cancel for any reason though normally that will only occur because of circumstances beyond our control (e.g., illness, incapacity, breakdown of equipment or transportation or, extreme weather conditions). You agree that, if we cancel, we will not be liable for any related cancellation fees or your losses from the event or venue.

If the band needs to cancel the performance we will give the client as much notice as possible and will try to help you with booking an alternative band if you wish or work with you to reach a mutually agreed solution for example play as a three piece or find a deputy musician if it is possible etc.

We will ensure that all fees including deposits are returned to you with 7 days of the cancellation.

14. Change to Bookings

For advice on amending a booking, please contact us HERE or call 086 3474739. All amendments to the original booking form are subject to mutual agreement from the band and the client and will need to take into consideration the details outlined in these terms and conditions.

15. Complaints

In the event of a dispute or complaint from the client this should be disclosed at the time of the event however, if this is not possible all complaints must be made in writing and forwarded to the band management team within 28 days of the event. A response to the complaint will be given to the client within 14 days of receipt.

If the matter cannot be resolved, or an agreement reached, then the client should seek legal advice. The band will do everything in its power to settle all disputes swiftly and satisfactorily.

16. Force Majeure

No party shall be liable for any failure to perform its obligations where such failure is as a result of Acts of Nature (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, terrorist activities, death, illness or other incapacity certified by a properly qualified medical practitioner, epidemic, accident, civil commotion, order of Government or Local Authority or Gardai Siochanna having jurisdiction in the matter or changes in law.

Any party asserting Force Majeure so as to negate liability shall have the burden of proving it and justifying that they took preventative action wherever possible to counteract the circumstance. If successfully proven then the cancellation fees outlined above shall be unenforceable.

17. Commercial Rights

The client hereby agrees that the performance shall not be recorded or broadcast for commercial gain without the written permission of the band or the band management team. All discussions regarding this should be made before the event.

Photographs of the event, the band and the performance

We appreciate that during the performance and the event that photographs may be taken of the band, we ask that where this is the case photographs are only used for personal use (to include social networking sites) and are not used for commercial reasons without permission from the band management team. We also ask that any photographs taken of the band and which are used on social networking sites/blogs do not represent the band in a negative manner or in a manner that would damage the band’s reputation.

Where photographs are taken of the band by a professional photographer we again ask that they are not used for commercial reasons without the permission of the band management team. We always appreciate been given copies of professional photographs and we will use these appropriately as agreed with the photographer.

Use of Images taken at your event by Band Photogrpaher

The bands photographer accompanies them at nearly every event that they perform at and also events where the client has requested this service. The band and photographer reserve the right to use any of the images taken at your event for promotional material.

If you have not booked our photographer for your event during the booking stage but then decide during/upon/after your event you wish to receive them you will be billed accordingly for any images you may request.

18. Sound Limiters and Volume

The adjustment of the volume and sound level of any equipment shall be as the Client reasonably requires should the client request such an adjustment.

The band cannot guarantee the quality of its performance should the volume be reduced below the level of any unamplified drum kit and/or backline instruments.

The band cannot be held responsible for non-performance in circumstances where a sound limiter is set so low that live music performance is not possible for a band of its type.

The band will need to be notified by either yourself, your event co-ordinator, wedding planner or your chosen venue, that the venue has or is having a limiter installed during the booking process. Failure to notify the band will result in the band not being able to perform at your event due to not having the time to bring the correct equipment to carry out their performance .