About Us

Originating in Cork, Showcase Wedding Bands is now an established and reputable nationwide Entertainments Management company specialising in providing professional and recognised Wedding Bands and quality performers for venues organising functions and events. Starting out as a provider of entertainment to bars, the company has become increasingly known for organising music for weddings, parties and corporate events. As a result, the company is now concentrating on this side of business and is making huge strides.

It’s been a remarkable journey and one which has seen director and founder Paul Woodage build up great relationships with some of the best entertainers and most respected venues in the business and has been able to strike the perfect balance every time, always giving the customer exactly what they wanted to help them to provide the best events possible for their clientele. In doing this, over the years Showcase Wedding Bands has entertained over a million people.

What makes Showcase Wedding Bands one of the leading Entertainment Management companies in Ireland is that it has a large number of professional performers available and the company regularly works with in excess of a hundred venues across Ireland. Constantly adding fresh talent is a natural extension, with helps expand the company and allowing a strong increase in regularity. With all this development, Showcase Wedding Bands became firmly established on the entertainment landscape of Ireland.

Once the business consolidated at that level, Paul realised he and his company needed a new challenge. “As far as County Cork and Munster is concerned, there is huge scope and requirement for quality live entertainment,” he says. But he adds: “I always had the notion of expansion and making Showcase Wedding Bands a national company responsible for large events such as corporate events and weddings across Ireland.

“As more and more enquiries came in from other parts of the country asking me to help out with these kinds of occasions, it became obvious to me that this side of things was happening naturally. Because of that, I knew the time had come to take that next step and put the business onto a national footing providing entertainment for big events.” In other words, he’d discovered that good news travels fast. The point had been proven yet again that the best form of advertising is word of mouth. Once that gets going, you can’t keep what you’re doing quiet even if you want to. With all that in mind, it became clear it was up to his company to keep up with the word as it gathered momentum.

He continues: “With what we’ve done in Munster, we’ve shown we’ve got what it takes to be the best in one region in Ireland. When I considered that that region contained the country’s second city, I had to ask the question, ‘Why can’t we repeat that success and entertain people in other parts of Ireland?’ Then, once that question had been asked, the next logical one was, ‘Why can’t we repeat that success and entertain people in the whole of Ireland?’”

Showcase Wedding Bands is now a nationally recognised company which guarantees it’s customers quality at the highest level and a professional service which is second to none.